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The Parting Of Ways

White Magician:
The White art practitioner has among the easiest arts to advance in. The reason is that White casters, typically, are not constantly being hunted by adversaries. They do not start any fights, and therefore are not compelled to finish any, either. This allows them lots of time to understand the inner workings of nature and to collect their power for use in times of need. The main focus for you, as a caster of this sort now, would be to learn the basic uses of herbs, oils, runes and stars. The creation of familiar elemental spirits is also quite useful, as they can be helpful for gathering information and tending to matters. The more advanced caster may wish to create a magical "node" in which they can exercise absolute magical authority when they need to. A node is a concentration of magical energies into an area for absorption. The White caster can shape the magical auras of the trees, rocks, plants, and other items to concentrate on a spot, thereby making it a magical focal point. These are endlessly useful. People who are injured should be brought here so that the full effect of a White caster's magic can be experienced by the recipient of healing magic. Also, this is a safe haven against magic curses from adversaries. Learn how to neutralize an area, and experiment with cleaning an area of magical influence. Enjoy the excursion into the white, protective and healing arts.

Black Magician:
The Black caster has a difficult task ahead. It requires much patience and discipline. The main thing to focus on is physical or tangible results. Don't assume that anything has ever happened. Be sure that if you cast a fire spell that something (perhaps not even your target) has caught on fire. In the beginning, absorb as much magical energy as possible and then channel all of it into a single action. It must be done that way at the beginning or else your results will be lame and barely noticeable. Later, refine the amount of energy and the focus control thereof through experience. Focus on one type of magic at first, such as fire. Do not attempt to begin by casting ice and fire spells back to back. Try to perfect fire and then move on to something else. The Black magician is to always increase their repertoire of destructive and varied spells. Always seek out new spells and of a different sort. At first, perfection of a single spell is sufficient. Do not be discouraged, even after a few years of minimal results (if it really comes down to that). After about two years, if you still cannot get anything, quit; you are not a Black magician if there is no result by that time.

The Mage has a lot of decisions ahead of them. Mages are typically good at the mind arts, earth energy channeling and some of the movement spells, such as remote viewing and warp space (for the initiated). Mages usually begin by attempting charm spells, in which the caster attempts to magically win the loyalty of a creature. The success of this spell typically depends on the caster's skill level and the intelligence of the target. Attempt to control the will of beings of lesser intelligence to start, then move up. Starting on insects or hordes thereof is good. From there, move up to animals. The local dogs and cats tend to be good targets for that sort of practice. Moving up to human kind is a big
step. People, as a rule have a 100 I.Q. This is a far cry from the typical dog. Once a mage is at that point, there is no stopping them in the mind field. Another aforementioned ability is that of the movement field. Movement is very difficult because of the concentration level required. Even a momentary lapse of concentration is sufficient to trap a person or object on the ethereal plane. Making headway in this field is fun, but difficult. Enjoy experimentation, but be a bit wary while practicing. The last thing a mage proceeds in is the ability to channel earth energy. This allows the absorption of energy to be used in any sort of spell. Mages are bloodhounds when it comes to finding a node. Try to find one (or make one) and experiment in it.

The Druid is part of their environment. Through an intimate bond with nature, the Druid is able to move the very forces of nature to cover their tracks, defend themselves or to perform duties. The interesting thing about a Druid's ability, though, is that it is viewed as a natural extension of their unity with nature. Druids are also infamous for planting magical groves. First, a specific type of tree is chosen for it abilities, and then a lot of that species of saplings are planted into a spacious circle. The Druid then visits this grove and meditates in it, ensuring it's health and channelling magical properties into the trees. When these trees are older, they will cooperate with the druid and give what they can to their protector. For a Druid, being in tune with nature and harmonious with all things is the highest calling. This does not mean that Druids are unable to use the aggressive magics in their arsenal, but rather that they are only to be used on those that oppose and disrupt a harmonious way of life. A very intelligent and tastefully done mega-resource on Druidism (and pretty much every aspect thereof) can be found at Neopagan.Net.

An Enchanter has one of the most technical of the magical arts. The problem with most Enchanters is that they: a) Don't keep a useful Book of Shadows. b) Aren't result oriented. If you are an Enchanter, please do the opposite of the two points previously mentioned. An Enchanter has to look for physical results in the creation of magical objects, such as talismans, amulets, tools, etc. If an item is charged with a fire blessing (let's say it's a glove), be sure that it is capable of keeping the wearer warm. If it isn't 100% effective, it's useless. Keep a record of the procedure used and the result reaped. This Enchanter's journal should be of sufficient detail that you can refine your procedures to the point that even the most extreme results of the most complex enchantments are available whenever they are needed. Another dangerous pitfall encountered by Enchanters is over-enchanting or using a previously enchanted item. Never charge an item with two opposing spells or with more than four enchantments total! The ethereal backlash from over-enchanting an item is sufficient to at least blow out a magician's magical reserves for a few days, let alone the physical and mental damage possible. An item enchanted with two opposing charges is then classed as a cursed item. It is dangerous to the user, and usually everybody in the area too. It requires a Cleric to remove a curse from an item (or, more accurately, to removed the item's curse from a person). A Cleric may, with prayer and fasting, remove a curse from an item completely.

Elemental Mage:
The goal of an Elemental Magician, at this point, is to become familiar with the collection of elemental energy. This energy is, perhaps, the most abundant type of all, but also, bar none, the hardest to use. Elemental Magic focusses on the concentration and surging of these energies to achieve a specific purpose. Air tends to be the easiest to control since, by its very nature, it is always in a state of change. Earth tends, also by its nature, to be the hardest, thereby resisting the will of the magician. The "trick", so to speak, of Elemental Magic is to learn what personal techniques or methods work best for you to get the element in question to obey.

The Diviner's main job is to find out what's going to happen. There are so many varieties of exactly how to do this, that there will be no advanced page or Master of this art. It is just too varied and difficult to pin down. As a general guideline though, Diviners use a physical medium of some sort to find out what they can about the future. Every form divination imaginable is out there for the taking. Among many many other types of divination are the use of clouds, tarot decks, runes, water, fire, earth, wind, sand, sticks, rocks, birds, cats, dogs, spiders, bones, intestines, blood, insects, weather conditions, feces, fingernails, palms, finger prints, the infamous crystal ball, head bumps, eye orientation, candles, saliva, spirits, fairies, sprites, hair, urine, body measurements, tea leaves, auras, stains, tooth alignment, eating habits, birthdays, zodiac signs, and a myriad more than I have room for on this page. Each Diviner has a different way of telling what will happen, but the basic gist is that regardless of how they do it, they do it. Diviners are often employed by magicians who have no divining power of their own to see what primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc. effects a particular spell will have on them, their friends, their target, etc. In the technological age, many people use online divination methods, such as the ones offered at Facade.Com. These sorts of services are everywhere, and can sometimes be helpful. Usually, it is best to take your future divining needs to a real diviner though, not a randomizer-based computer program (although many people see the computer as an equally legitimate form of divining). Books on fortune and future telling abound. One does not have to look far to find a place to learn Divination.

Conjurer's have no limitations to their advancement except experience. All the basic knowledge for major advancement is held within the book series, "The Greater Key of Solomon" and "The Lesser Key of Solomon". Being careful and being sure to ask/command properly is the only true difficulty. Acquire these books, both series of which are available online, and read them thoroughly. These are all a conjurer need. Perhaps later, depending on your own personal alignment, the Grimoirium Verum (black arts) may be desired. I have heard also, through a fairly good source, that A. E. Waite's book, "The Book of Black Magic and Pacts" is a good read for the aspiring conjurer.

Healer's are, much like a Mage, channellers of earth energies. The Healer is a realigner of magical forces to the benefit of a living being. The theory is, that when the physical body is cut, the ethereal body is cut as well. Both wounds will eventually heal, but the ethereal cut is usually untended to. The Healer must feel the energy of the wounded, soften it, and mold it back into alignment with the rest of the body. Once the ethereal body is healed, the physical body will quickly follow. By the same token, the Healer can create wounds as well by disaligning the ethereal body of a target. This is
rarely done, as a Healer is almost always of a good nature. The healing is usually not instant, but it is extremely fast. Nothing short of practice will improve a Healer in this art.

The first way to begin necromancy is to get:
• A Black Robe with Hood and Belt (Optional, but Highly Suggested)
• A Staff (Optional)
• A Blank Spellbook (Non-Optional)
These should be sufficient to start. The hardest thing in this particular art is to get started in the first place. After that, it should be a snap. A thorough reading of internet necromancy sites is a start. There aren't any really good sites out there (that I have found) that cover the actual use of necromancy, but it will give you a general feel for what to expect. There should be books available in any book store. If it isn't there, a great place for alternative religion books (although they are sadly lacking necromancy books) online is MagusBooks. Next, all the items should be assembled. You can shop about and get most things from a typical grocery store, fabric store, forest area, or book store. Next, you need to find a cemetery. Of course, being necromancy, you have to have dead people around to start half this stuff. The main tool of a Necromancer is the death ether. An occupational hazard of being a Necromancer is that, working so close to the essence of death, one becomes consumed by the very forces they are attempting to channel. Being careful, with necromancy as in conjuring, is the key to survival, and correct execution of the rituals is the key to power. With Necromancy, you must experiment. There is no cut and dried way to simply pick up, "The Big Book of Necromancy" and be on your way. It is a personalized art that requires you to do your own brain work. Study gem properties, metal properties, demon summoning, wizardry (to a small extent) and magecraft for a general idea of how magic works. With that understanding, warp and twist the knowledge so that it can be used to work with the forces of death. Write down everything you do TO THE LETTER!

Though there is no hard and fast rule as to how a wizard or sorcerer should continue their studies, there is a general trend for both. Sorcerers tend to experiment more in the dark arts and eventually become (more often than not) Demonomancers. This is not the best choice if you're looking to keep your sanity, but the fact cannot be denied that demons do get the job done (sometimes even the way you ask them to). Try to avoid letting the raw power of evil magics take over your mind. This is far easier said than done, but the key is this: Sorcerers, though generally nice, are occasionally self-serving and nasty. Power, for a Sorcerer, is typically attained by convincing people to do their work for them. A classic example of this is a soul stealer. They are a very special breed of Sorcerer that drain a portion of the life force of their victims in exchange for party-trick style magical favours. They receive a lot more than they give. This power of the soul is then either consumed and turned into raw magical power or is re-released to do the Sorcerer's bidding. A Sorcerer has a very hard job ahead if they intend to remain a Sorcerer. Many (and truly most) Sorcerers become Conjurers and Demonomancers or kill themselves. Be ever vigilant not to let evil totally overtake your mind. To continue Sorcerer studies, become very proficient at the elemental spells (fire, wind, water, earth).
When you can control the elements, then try to control demons. When controlling demons, start small and gradually work your way up!!! Never ever ever ever ever try to start at the top or you'll be possessed and you'll end up killing yourself against your will. Remember that, unlike Conjurers, Sorcerers have no protection against the dangers of demons.

Wizards are masters of the movement class of spells. These are very hard to effect because of the fine mental concentration required and the large amounts of power for even a short movement. A traveling distance of any more than a kilometer can take up to an entire day to reserve enough energy for. More often than not, spells of this nature aid in the endurance, stamina and speed of a Wizard's target (often themselves) such that weariness does not set in and that maximum efficiency is obtained. Try movement spells on everything but yourself first so that you can gain the experience of the precise mental co-ordination required to move an object without trapping it on the ethereal plane, or to hasten a living organism without damaging the internal organs. We, after all, do not want the ethereal plane becoming as cluttered by stray objects, and we do not want the targets of beneficial spells being injured. There are other ways of teleporting which take virtually nothing in the way of power but are not guaranteed. The Wizard is to use their special status of being able to remain neutral in the magical realm, being able to use both white and black forms (though mostly white), and to use their abilities for overall good. To attain the level of Wizard usually requires a long time, so don't use the title unless you think you deserve it. Better yet, get someone else to call you a wizard (a person or a truthful spirit) before using the title. The main point to remember when advancing in Wizardry is not to favour one sort of magic, but rather to keep a balance. Continue practising and remember the responsibility that follows power invariably.

The Priest/Cleric must (and veritably yearns to) learn the nature of God. The combination of wisdom, knowledge and faith are what make a truly strong practitioner. Study of the scriptures is the way to knowledge, the leading of God is the way to wisdom, and the application of wisdom, coupled with God's leading, is the way to faith. I can't really say much more than a good copy of the Bible can about this topic. I suppose the main challenge for a beginning practitioner is to live a holy life (holy means to be set apart and consecrated). Once a holy life has been attained, a Priest is then empowered to the exorcism of demonic forces from a person/place/thing. Remember also that God works in many ways that we do not expect. Even if you are expecting a miracle, chances are that God will not use that way unless it's necessary. The story goes something like this (there are a thousand variations on this story for almost every sort of religion): One day there was a Priest who prayed day and night for the succession of evil magic in his area. This prayer went on for months. Finally he consulted another Priest and found out that the evil magicians not only increased in power, but that they were now using it on each other. The first Priest, in a lament at the increase of magic, told his story to the second Priest and asked God right then, out loud, why he didn't answer the prayer. The second Priest looked and said, "Are you sure that your prayer wasn't answered?". Take it for what you will. The Priest must learn faith, practice holiness, and rely on the powers of the spiritual to aid them in their task.

A Magical Satanist has a fair amount to do. Despite the possible benefits, a price is paid in equal or greater proportion to the benefits reaped. Sacrifice of the proper sort should be offered to Satan or a demon. Find out what sort of sacrifice is needed, such as blood, food, oil, desecration, worship, a pact, or whatever. Each entity requires something different. In exchange for these sacrifices, a Satanist will receive just about any earthly pleasure they desire. The goods of the world and all it has to offer are at the fingertips of the devoted magical Satanist. A good spot to start for a fair sized list of demons, their traits, and what they require would be book one of the Lesser Key of Solomon (a.k.a. Lemegeton). Study this and you will soon find what you're looking for. Another point to mention about Satanism is that it does not only refer to the worship of the deity Satan, but is largely homocentric, thereby centering many "Satanist" activities around oneself and the Hedonistic pursuit of happiness. Also, some tidbits of fun for the average Satanist, are The Satanic Bible, Grimoirium Verum, and The Complete Witch. These will well educate a Satanist. There is no lack of solid Satanism websites available out there.

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Un Producto De Alta Conversión Y Sin Reembolsos. Una Guia Mágica Que Contiene Más De 300 Hechizos Para Todo El Nicho De Hechicería Y Magia Blanca. 75%...

Antigua Brujeria - Como Ser Hechicero

Es “Poco Ético”…, Pero…, Extremadamente Poderoso ¿Quién Quiere Descubrir Los Hechizos Más Poderosos y Los Secretos de Los Antiguos Faraones y Bruja...

Antigua Brujeria - Sin Optin

Sin Optin. Excelentes Ventas Y Conversión. 3 Upsell. Devolución Menor Al 3%. La Guía Más Completa De CB Para Ser Hechicero. El Mejor Producto Para Afi...

Mis Hechizos De Amor

Grandes Ventas Y Excelente Conversión. Nicho Muy Fuerte De Mercado Español. 3 Upsell. Gran Comisión Del 75%. Hechizos De Magia Blanca Y Conjuros Para ...

Hechizos Vudu. Gana Dinero Facilmente

Revelo los VERDADEROS SECRETOS de la MAGIA VUDÚ y cómo Utilizar las Energías Ocultas para Lanzar Hechizos Ancestrales Efectivos Que Cambiarán Su Vida....

Simple Spell Casting

The Simple Spell Casting E-Kit is a downloadable spell casting course.The video on this page reveals a shocking scientific experiment that proves the ...

Manual De Los Maestros Hechiceros

"¿Qué sucedería si te dijese que puedes cumplir tus sueños de una vez por todas, sin necesidad de Gastar más Dinero en sistemas que no funcionan?" Si...